Friday, September 30, 2011

Tip Ups, and wind tip ups in particular

Tip Ups are a wonderful invention. Most
ice fishing enthusiasts will agree that wind tip ups in particular
really have increased the pleasure level within the sport.
Crisp, clear Wisconsin winter morning, one of many great fishing lakes in central Wisconsin and a few family and friends gather round to help put up the ice shanty. We huddle inside and enjoy the heater and the good company.

Our Mr Tip- Up wind tip ups are strategically set up like wooden soldiers all in a row awaiting their turn to launch an assault on the ever popular Walleye. This is where these wind tip ups "Shine".
While we are warming our feet by the heater and enjoying yet one more "fish story" our Mr Tip Up wind tips with their built in lighting system are braving the cold...harnessing the wind to move the bait and before you know it... "Flag!!" that vocal alarm rings out to the delight of all of us in the shanty.
Once again, Mr Tip Up wind tip ups reminds us why we love to use tip ups, wind tip ups in particular. The Walleye tasted great!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Ice Fish Wisconsin!!

Mr Tip Up wind tip ups and Wisconsin lakes in 2011. What a winning combination. Our Mr Tip Up Ice Fishing Team travelled to Wind Lake, Wisconsin and filmed another Mr Tip Up Ice Fishing Tips Video. The lake was shinning like the top of the Chrysler Building that day in the presence of the suns glare on clear frozen water with no snow cover.

Shiners and wax worms served up as the "Bait-De-Jour" as it were. Our Team set up several Mr Tip Up wind tip ups and began the process of filming the action! "Flag!"..."Flag!" and "Flag!" again. Those sounds echoed across Wind Lake as the Mr Tip Up Ice Team ran in several different directions. Walleyes...panfish...crappies and more. The variety on Wind Lake never seems to wain.

We used the afternoon light to film the beauty of one game fish after another feast on our waxies and become hooked, trip our bright colored wind tip up flag and run like the wind. Our focus was on showing our Instructional Video Customers some unique and helpful Tips on landing that Trophy Catch on our Mr Tip Up wind tip ups. Daylight started to slip away and one more excellent opportunity to experience Wisconsin Ice Fishing at it's best was coming to a perfect end. Filming was complete on our Mr Tip Up Ice Fishing Tips 2011 Video. Look for the Video's release soon. Great Ice to you in 2012!